Cycle Tour Cooking

If you are a cyclist who loves to ride with a group of friends, carry your own gear and camp out on multi-day rides through remote western landscapes, but you’re a little tired of sipping tepid water and eating reconstituted  freeze-dried stroganoff at the end of the day, why don’t you consider hiring me to come along and cater your trip?

Here is how I can add comfort and delicious food to your experience :

Day 1: My minivan and I meet you and at least five of your friends (we need a minimum of six riders to make this work) at the start point.   In addition to all of our food and cooking gear, I will have room in my van for each of you to load up a folding chair.  I will also have a “Riders’ Ice Chest” in which you can stow your beer, wine or soda.  You will carry all of the rest of your clothing and camping gear.  I will hand each of you a sack lunch, wave goodbye, and we’ll all set off down the road.

When you roll into our first campsite that afternoon, your chair and your beer will be ready and waiting for you.   We can schedule a “cocktail hour snack”–cheese and crackers, pita and hummus, veggies and dip, or chips and guacamole to go along with the beer.

While you’re sitting together rehashing the events of the day, I’ll be whipping up dinner on the propane stove.

Here are some of my dinner menus:

Chicken apple sausage, fried potatoes and broccoli salad

Homemade beef chili, cornbread and cole slaw

Lucky Dog Ranch cheddar cheeseburgers and marinated vegetable salad

Chicken tortilla soup, cornbread and sauteed vegetables

“Camping Steak”–marinated garlic flank steak, brown rice and steamed broccoli

Fettucine with salami and mushrooms, garden salad

You could have dessert with dinner, or later in the evening, with a cup of regular or decaf coffee.  I’m a baker, and I think that you’ll like what I have to offer.  Some possibilities are: pineapple carrot cake, Texas sheet cake, black bottom cupcakes, fresh strawberry shortcake and cookies–Walnut chocolate chip, brownies, oatmeal lace, banana butterscotch bars, vacuum cleaner squares, lemon bars…I have a propane-powered camping oven, in addition to my stove, and I can bake all of these things, as well as corn bread, biscuits, coffee cake and all kinds of other goodies, on site.

And so to bed.

Day 2 and all the rest:  The propane-powered drip coffee maker will be set to go, so that you can start the day with a great cup of java.  Breakfast will be a hearty hot meal to give you enough energy to power through your mornings.  Typical breakfast items will include: Cheesy scrambled eggs with ham and bagels, french toast with fresh fruit or maple syrup, breakfast burritos with sausage, freshly made cinnamon streusel coffee cake, home-made granola with yogurt, fruit and orange juice.

Then you may make lunch–sandwiches and sides–to take with you, or we may agree to meet somewhere for a midday meal–something like grilled cheese and turkey pannini, Niman Ranch all beef hot dogs, loaded quesadillas or mac and cheese.

As you can see, I’m big on fruit and vegetables, and fresh, and home-made.  I am also flexible,  and can create menus to suit your tastes.  I have a lot of experience cooking for vegetarians, and can easily offer a veg alternative at every meal.

The total price for this trip, including the meals, overhead, portage of chairs and ice chest and emergency sag support,  depends on group size and other logistical items such as location and duration.  Right now my minimum group size is six.  I am definitely less expensive than the typical fully supported tour and I can make the numbers work for me with small group sizes.

This vision promotes the pleasures of loaded cycle touring along a route of your choice (I have a route designer if you need that figured out) with me relieving you and your group of the food responsibilities.  Think of it; a great day of riding some gorgeous route, all self-contained with your gear and as the sun is setting, you sit down to a fabulous freshly cooked meal and a glass of wine or a cold beer–

Are you ready for this?  Contact me soon to discuss the delicious details.


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