Winter Soup

It’s cold and rainy and I feel like soup, what do I have in the kitchen? There are some sweet potatoes in the pantry and a couple of Fuji apples in the fruit bowl, that sounds like a winning combination.  I peel and dice the sweet potatoes, a couple of carrots, and the apples, cut up an onion, throw it all into a pot (my Le Creuset Dutch oven–twenty years old and going strong) and dump a couple of quarts of store-bought chicken stock over it all.  Whoops, there’s a cup of apple juice in a bottle in the back of the fridge, I’ll throw that in too.

I bring this to a boil and let it cook for about half an hour, until everything is mushy, and then–Oh, Boy, my favorite part!–fire up the immersion blender.

An immersion blender looks like a blender blade on a stick-you put it into the pot, instead of having to get the hot soup into the blender container without it splashing all over the place.  I let the immersion blender whirl away in the pot until all of the lumps and liquid combine to form a pale blond puree.  I salt and pepper it and stir in some ground ginger for a little heat, and Holey Moley, it is phenomenal, if I do say so myself.  Not to mention very low fat, gluten-free and just generally healthy.

Come on by and have a bowl!


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